Epsilon W50 3D Printer

Epsilon W50 3D Printer with Smart Cabinet (SC)

Save $500 when you bundle an Epsilon W50 3D printer with a Smart Cabinet Filament Management System from BCN3D. The Smart Cabinet (SC) completes the Epsilon ecosystem, offering seamless integration with Epsilon W50 while maximizing its uptime. Its filament humidity control boosts your printers’ performance, keeping your materials in optimal condition. In addition, its uninterruptible power supply protects your work at all times, avoiding the risk of losing your print job due to power outages.

The BCN3D Smart Cabinet is equipped with sturdy caster wheels that allow the 3D printing workstation to be moved smoothly within any environment including manufacturing, universities, or even a garage. The Smart Cabinet is also stocked with a sliding drawer to keep all the necessary 3D printing tools in one convenient location. This is the complete solution for professional 3D printing production.

Total: $11,995.00