A History of 3D Platform

History Figure 1

History in the Making

3D Platform owes its roots to the sophisticated mechatronics of linear motion manufacturer, PBC Linear. The story begins with the introduction of the SIMO actuator line from PBC Linear. This technology was designed for x-y-z motion, making it a perfect fit for the mechanics of 3D printer motion. Out of this crucible of linear motion expertise and demand for 3D printing in the shop, 3DP Unlimited was created.

“Our engineering team was looking for ways to bring additive manufacturing in-house to prototype the linear motion products for mechatronics that we were developing,” says Mark Huebner, longtime business development manager for 3D Platform. “When they couldn’t find a printer that met their needs, our leadership challenged them to make their own. That was the real genesis of 3DP.”

Building on Engineering Expertise

Our initial printer was the 3DP 1000, which then led to the original version of the Workbench. From there, 3DP built on those successes and expanded to include a full WorkSeries line. Within this family of large format 3D printers are the 100, 200, 300, 400, and the newest introduction and largest machine of the group, the WorkSeries 500. Together, they continue to offer quality, innovation, and value, while individually they have been scaled to accommodate specific customer needs.

3D Platform is now a stand-alone business, with both PBC Linear and 3DP continuing to mutually benefit from the close relationship that exists under the same roof. This relationship allows 3DP access to high performance hardware, as well as insights into real-world demands for 3D printing technology. At 3DP, history is in the making!

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Affiliates and Partners

3D Platform Is Proud To Be Affiliated With Professional 3D Printing Organizations Around The World.