Partnership Success

Partnership Figure 1

Partnership Success Model

Look to 3DP as an extension of your team. Your success is our success. We have an elaborate array of startup and training options to ensure the successful startup and operation of your machine and the success of your team.

Basic CAD Software
Printer Setup
Making Your Own Print
Application Review
Machine Verified And Calibrated

Basic Machine And Software Review
Advanced Functionality
Advanced Slicing
Modifying Slicing
Printer Settings

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1. Startup - Getting Started

We go to great lengths (even to your location if needed) to get you up and running.
Machine Functionality Verified on Site.
✓ Provides customer confidence in machine performance.
✓ Provides complete analysis upon shipping receipt.
Fully Calibrated
✓ Eliminates the hassle and time of initial calibration.
✓ Trained technician performs the fine tuning.
✓ Results in a machine that is functional at the beginning of the first customer print.
Basic Machine and Software Functionality Covered
✓ The customer will be knowledgeable in the basic machine functionality.
✓ The customer will be knowledgeable in the basic functions of Simplify3D.
This helps our customers progress with confidence upon startup completion.

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2. Training - Develops Excellence

We will ensure your team is up to speed with our current available training.
Advanced Printer Functionality.
✓ Focuses on key print techniques to further the customer knowledge of the 3DP printer.
✓ Advanced printer functions are covered.
✓ Operators fine tune printer settings that exceed entry level.
Advanced Slicing Functions
✓ Emphasizes important slicing techniques, advancing the team’s knowledge of Simplify 3D.
✓ Cutting edge slicing functions are covered in detail.
✓ The customer can slice with functionality that exceeds entry level capabilities.
Basic Machine and Software Functionality Covered
✓ Machine maintenance and issue troubleshooting are covered in full detail.
✓ The customer is more confident in their ability to solve problems.

Partnership Figure 4

3. Field Service - Benefits

Our “Global Certified Service Providers” can help ensure your success around the world.
Performed by SDP Certified Technician
✓ Customer confidence that the machine is repaired correctly.
✓ Resolves any question of warranty coverage due to non-certified work.
✓ The printer is re-calibrated and functional upon completion of the service call.
3DP Support
✓ Problems can be diagnosed remotely.
✓ Saves time and cost of an on-site visit.
✓ Team of technicians monitors support email to provide the quickest response possible.

What’s Included in a Typical Course?

✓ How 3D printing works.
✓ Basic CAD software, file sources and formats.
✓ Review of specific applications.
✓ Modifying existing designs.
✓ Printer settings, how to setup a 3D printer, and troubleshooting.
✓ Making your own creation,a 3D print to take with you.

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Why Our Training Exceeds All Others?

✓ Tailored training geared towards the needs of your business.
✓ Application specific solutions for your 3D printing requirements.
✓ Delivered by friendly, patient and approachable instructors.
✓ Experienced in using different 3D software across multiple platforms.
✓ Course created by our experts who run the North American service department.
✓ Straightfonnrard and easy to follow instruction from helpful people.
✓ Free post training support for delegates.

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