HFE 900 and Spool

HFE 900 3D Printer Extruder

The (High Flow Extruder) HFE 900 offers 16x more volumetric throughput compared to the industry baseline, volcano extruder. They also use the world’s largest, spool-fed filament at 6 mm.

  • The HFE900 Extruders are the absolute fastest spool-fed extruders on the market
  • Provide 16x the volumetric throughput of 3DP’s previous generation of extruders to 273 mm3/s (59.9 in3/hr)
  • Produce maximum output with high reliability
  • Comes as an optional upgrade for the 3DP 300 Series Workbench Pro and 400 Series Workbench XTreme
  • Use world’s largest, spool-fed filament: 6 mm
  • Volume / Second:  273mm³/S
  • Volume / Hour:  60.0in³/hr
  • Nozzle Sizes:
    1.2 mm (minimum)
    2.4 mm (standard)
    4.8 mm (maximum)
Total: $9,999.00